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Spinal Decompression

Back pain can be one of the most challenging conditions to diagnose and treat. It can be caused by a wide range of incidents and conditions, including the normal wear and tear that comes with age. In such cases, spinal decompression is a simple and reliable method for individuals suffering from back pain to find relief. At House of Bones Chiropractic in Fort Worth, our top priority is to provide pain relief for our patients. Now, let’s delve into the details of spinal decompression.


Chiropractic Spinal Decompression for Back Pain

Like many treatments used by chiropractors to alleviate pain, spinal decompression is a non-invasive approach. This means that it does not involve surgery or the use of harmful painkillers. Non-invasive procedures like these require very little or no recovery time since they do not involve any surgical procedures. The goal is to relieve pressure on the neural elements and other components of the spine located between the vertebrae, including the spinal discs.

What is Spinal Decompression?

As the name suggests, spinal decompression involves temporarily reducing pressure within the spine. There are several methods to achieve this, but most commonly, it relies on gravity. Spinal decompression can range from aggressive to very gentle. In extreme cases, a person may hang upside down by their feet to achieve decompression. However, even mild forms, where the hips are gently elevated above the shoulders, can be highly effective.

Why Use Spinal Decompression?

Normally, the bones of the spine (vertebrae) are compressed together by gravity, which is a natural occurrence and nothing to be concerned about. However, over time or after an injury, this pressure can exacerbate existing conditions and cause back pain. While this natural pressure is applied, the tissues between the vertebrae receive less blood and oxygen compared to what they receive during spinal decompression.

When the spine is decompressed, the pressure between the vertebrae is relieved. This allows vital nutrients to flow more freely to the tissues between the spinal bones, often resulting in instant pain relief. Moreover, spinal decompression provides the tissues between the vertebrae an opportunity to heal, recover, and return to a healthier state.

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At House of Bones Chiropractic, we consider spinal decompression to be one of the best available treatments, if not the best. It is a trauma-free approach that requires no recovery time, and with a few exceptions, it causes no pain at all. To learn more and schedule your initial consultation, please contact us today at (817) 720-9135. Our caring staff is eager to answer your questions and assist you.